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Greenworld – Summer 2016-2017



Iconic jacaranda falls in Sydney

A jacaranda that has stood in the main quadrangle

in the main building of the University of Sydney

for almost 80 years, collapsed in full flower in

late October. Prof. E.G. Waterhouse planted

the tree in 1928 and was also responsible for

the design and planting of other gardens at the

university during his tenure. Prof. Waterhouse

was a linguistics professor at the university and

also created the camellia garden at his home at

Eryldene in the Sydney suburb of Gordon.

Dr Brett Summerell, Director of Science and

Conservation at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

has reported that ganoderma fungus lead to the

decay that caused the death and collapse of the

tree. Fungal decay caused by

ganoderma can occur in jacaranda

limbs where it can be treated

by removing the

affected limb, but

when the decay

affects the base

of the trunk as

occurred in the

Sydney University specimen,

treatment is not possible. Cuttings from the tree

that were taken in 2014 will be used to replant

the tree. Ganoderma is a common disease of trees

including jacaranda.

Grafted Wollemi pine success

Dr Jason Smith (@forestpathology), Associate

Professor Forest Pathology at the University of

Florida, tweeted that he has successfully grafted

a Wollemi pine (

Wollemia nobilis

) on to



to protect it from potential infection by

Phytophthora cinnamomi

. The graft was made five

years ago and the specimen is growing strongly.

Warners named Supplier of the Year

Warners Nursery in Victoria has been named

2016 Supplier of the Year at the Landscaping

Victoria Industry Awards. The award is voted

directly by landscapers. Formation Landscapes

was named Landscaper of the Year.

Leading organic supplier takes to

the screen

Eco-organic Garden is using Fabian Capomolla

aka The Hungry Gardener to spread the word

about organic gardening. Fabian has starred in

three online productions called ‘You are what

you eat’. In the series he has shown how to

prepare soil, plant and get edible crops growing

in a small backyard.

NGISA demands the

release of ‘Cousin It’

NGISA has made a submission to Biosecurity

SA to have the popular native casuarina

‘Cousin It’ withdrawn from the South

Australian list of plants banned from sale.

The ornamental form of casuarina along with

other dwarf and prostrate forms of



cannot be sold in South Australia as

the declared plant list includes all forms of

swamp oak (

C. glauca

). ‘Cousin It’ is a popular

evergreen landscape plant in other parts of

Australia where it is seen as a grafted weeping

standard or used to trail over walls.

National Blueberry Day to celebrate garden RELEAF

March 19, 2017 is the date to celebrate

gardening in the nation’s garden centres and

raise funds for the charity


. The

date has been set aside for garden RELEAF to

put the spotlight on the benefits of plants and

gardens and how they enrich our lives.

The theme for 2017 is ‘Something Blue’.

Blueberries are firmly on the agenda for their

health benefits as a superfood that anyone can

grow in their garden. To celebrate, GCA has

proclaimed garden RELEAF day as National

Blueberry Day. Gardening celebrities across

Australia will be helping to promote the

event and the benefits of gardening as will

nutritionist Dr Joanna McMillan.

Garden RELEAF raised $70,000 in

2015 and again in 2016 from events

and promotions held in garden centres

across Australia. Organiser Leigh Siebler

is hoping for an equally good result in

2017 GCA has also launched a new logo

for garden RELEAF. Garden centres that

wish to participate in garden RELEAF

contact GCA Manager Leigh Siebler on

or 0409 889 779.

Interior plantscaping conference for 2017

Tickets are now on sale for the Interior

Plantscape Association’s 2017 conference

titled ‘Connect/Discover/Thrive – Inspiring

a Growing Industry’. The conference will be

held March 2–3 in Melbourne. The theme

Connect/Discover/Thrive aims to increase

the profile of the interior

plantscape industry and

bring delegates together

to create valuable

connections in a forum

to learn, discover and

network. With speakers

from around the globe,

the conference will

explore innovative ideas

in industry and design

trends, present the latest

scientific research, provide

up-to-date business

strategies and delve into

marketing and the role of social media for

business growth.

Keynote speaker is Kathy Fediw, interior

plantscape consultant from Texas, USA, who

will discuss design, pricing strategies and how

to recruit top employees. Also speaking is

pest and disease expert Denis

Crawford, who will discuss

pest management for interior

spaces, and Phil Edwards

from, the cutting

edge green wall and living

architecture business. Phil will

discuss green wall systems.

The venue is Melbourne’s

historic Rendezvous Hotel

and the conference will

include a display of the

latest products. For the full

program and bookings visit


GCA has proclaimed garden RELEAF day on March 19, 2017 as

National Blueberry Day.

Phil Edwards from