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Our story started way back in 1949, when

Alexander and Phyllis Keith purchased

their first block of land in the Rocky Point

area. In the beginning they planted and

cut sugar cane by hand, and burning

the sugar cane was common practice.

Approximately 25 years ago, during

severe drought, there was a desperate

need for cheap stockfeed and sugar cane

bales were supplied to feed starving

cattle. When rain finally fell, there

were thousands of bales left on the

farm that got wet. These were sold as

mulch to avocado growers to use in their

orchards. Rocky Point Mulching was

born. Since then, a co-operative of cane

growers have benefited from the added

income sugar cane mulch has provided.

Many jobs have been created, and new

technology has been adopted to bring

the highest quality sugar cane mulch

to the market. These days Rocky Point

Mulching leads the way as the longest

running brand. Three generations to be

precise. We are Australia’s only family

owned and operated sugar cane farm

and mulch processing plant. Unlike

competitors, our sugar cane mulch

is not out sourced for production.


The range has expanded into more

mulches, top quality potting mix,

growing media and organic fertilisers.

The purchase of national award

winning Green Fingers, by the family’s

grandchildren in 2011 was another

step up. Green Fingers is now running

from the same site as Rocky Point

Mulching, and continues to innovate

and expand, supplying the highest

quality growing mixes to production

nurseries, landscapers and the

home gardener. In January 2016,

further investment in innovation and

sustainability was implemented with

the creation of Rocky Point Recycling,

an environmentally conscious resource

recovery initiative. Rocky Point Recycling

collect end of life timber and turn it into

something beautiful – a unique range

of coloured, multi-purpose mulches.

With all of this said Rocky Point Mulching

strives to grow gardeners and promote

a healthy way of life. We are passionate

about partnering gardeners with quality

products to grow fresh healthy food

and beautify this world for generations

to come. With a sustainability focus,

we continue to expand economic and

employment opportunities to a growing

community, adding value to those

around us. We are intent on enjoying the

journey, recovering usable resources

and restoring one garden at a time.