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Greenworld – Spring 2016


Social & Digital Media




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Advert'), you can schedule your adverts and review your results through

the 'Insights' page.

Traditional print media now offer online pay-per-click advertising.

For instance, if you desire, you can pay

The Age


The Sydney

Morning Herald

for a click-thru advertisement in the Good Food

online version to receive approximately 175,000 'click-thrus' in about

five days. Each lift-out section of the newspapers has its own web

page and is well targeted.

Digital advertising still requires that you budget according to your needs

and your means.


Michael Nelthorpe is Marketing Director for The Marketing and

Branding Company based in Melbourne.

Marketing plants to Millennials

At Cultivate ’16 held at Columbus, Ohio in July, a panel addressed

the thorny question of marketing plants to the generation we call

the Millennials. The panel was asked: “Are we still trying to sell our

products in the 21st century using a model straight out of the 1980s?”.

An idea that came out of the Town Hall-style discussion was to embrace

marketing that appeals to the emotions, and you’ll appeal to the

Millennials. In other words, don’t just use a sign to promote the features

of a plant, but highlight how it could make your customer feel.

Panel members also recommended stressing the source of plants and

products especially where these are locally grown or produced. This idea

links into the ‘local’ movement in food and eating. Also recommended

was the staging of events and involvement with local activities. Other key

expressions that came through from the discussion were catering to the

Milllennial’s lifestyle and communicating to this group through social

media rather than traditional forms of advertising.

The all-women panel were: Brienne Gluvna Arthur of Brie Arthur

Communications; Tina Bemis of Bemis Farms Nursery in Spencer, MA;

Leslie Halleck of Halleck Horticultural LLC; Lisa Higby Lefevre of

Distinctive Gardens in Dixon, IL; and Angela Treadwell Palmer of Plants

Nouveau. For more on Cultivate ’16 see


Jennifer Stackhouse

Tap into feelings to market plants to the Millennials.