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Greenworld – Spring 2016


be adapted to take different sized pots to make an impressive burst of

plant colour even in a small space and create a display that encourages

multiple plant sales to shoppers.

On the Shamrock Plants’ stand, colourful plants were doing all the

talking. The Shamrock team used vertical display panels of wire mesh

with white window boxes to showcase brightly coloured ornamental

kale and cheery gerberas. The combination was highly effective and

invited a second look.

Telling a story

Green Expo is a good venue to tell the company story to a captive audience.

Rocky Point Mulching incorporated a photographic display of the

company’s history along with a hands-on display of their products, while

Queensland company Harts Nursery used their display stand to showcase

their new state-of-the-art building (see the full story on page 30).

New plants

While not every nursery display was built around new releases, new

plants are a drawcard and there were plenty of them on show. Sadly the

new plant’s display itself was rather lacklustre (a line up of potted plants

on stands) although it did provide an opportunity for growers to display

information about their new releases.


to the winners

Best Greenlife Display


Redlands Nursery


Dracaena Farm Nursery


Shamrock Plants

Best Allied Trade Display

Gold & most innovative display

Norwood Industries (left)


Nursery Traders


Garden City Plastics

Best New Product

Quality Plastic Products for 140mm six cell efficiency tray

Inspiring ideas

The plant display techniques used by many exhibitors are worth

a closer look as many offered good take-home ideas for retailers.

Zoom Gardens used a green wall as a background with the nursery’s

name spelt out in dark foliage (above). The result was striking and

an idea that could be used in other contexts in garden centres. For

example, spelling out emotive words such as ‘dreams’, ‘relax’ or

‘imagine’, which could appeal to young gardeners wanting to create

a statement in their gardens.

Inspiring words were also the backdrop for the plant display on the

Proven Winners stand (below). ‘Dig Bloom Admire’ and ‘Fresh

Fragrant Fun’ caught my eye. Again, these are likely to appeal to the

much-sought-after Millennial shopper.

Shamrock Plants' bronze

winning greenlife display.