Mobilane Live Picture

LivePanel brings your walls to life – an innovative vertical landscaping application that delivers a sustainable ‘living wall’ system for both indoor and outdoor use. With the benefit of Mobilane’s eight decades of landscaping experience this unique system has been developed for green facades. Living walls are very popular, not only in the commercial environment such as offices, shops and public spaces, but also increasingly for residential use.

With LivePanel, you can take the outdoors inside and bring your walls to life. The system easily transforms your wall into an attractive, living surface. LivePanel is a modular living wall system with exchangeable plant cassettes. The cassettes consist of cups in which plants are inserted. Each row of cassettes is placed in a duct profile that also serves as a water reservoir. The plants absorb water from the duct through a capillary system.

LivePanel can be used for various vertical, landscaping applications. Let your creativity flow with the design options that the system offers. LivePanel can be easily installed on new or existing walls.