‘Go Go’ salvias

Purple and red are the first two colours released in a selected sterile form of Salvia splendens named ‘Go Go’ salvias. Edward Bunker from Aussie Winners says that by selecting for sterility the breeders are selecting plants that don’t stop flowering. They are described as “the true flowering machines” and the plants will survive for two to three years. Although only two colours have been released, more are expected to follow from plants currently under trial overseas including a white and salmon variety that was exhibited by Kientzler at the recent FlowerTrials 2015. To get the best performance from ‘Go Go’ salvias they need to be kept moist and should be fertilised a couple of times per year. They’ll grow in sun or part shade and can be pruned to size (plants grow to around 1.2m tall), and should have spent heads removed every four to six weeks.
Pinching, particularly when young, encourages more bracts and flowers.

For more information visit www.aussiewinners.com.au.