Evergreen Baby™ Lomandra labill

The success of Tanika® lomandra in Australia has proven just how popular tough, evergreen strappy leaf plants can be. However, some situations require a tough smaller plant, and this is when Evergreen Baby™ Lomandra labill. ‘LM600’A is the answer. Th is compact lomandra is almost half the size of Tanika® lomandra growing to approximately 40cm high and 45cm wide and is the only compact lomandra that can be grown Australia wide from Darwin to cold regions such as Canberra. Evergreen Baby™ is sterile and extremely tough, being tolerant of wet feet and drought, performing well in full sun and shade, and thriving in hot, very humid or cold conditions all while remaining extremely evergreen.
Evergreen Baby™ lomandra has amazing versatility. It is ideal for mass planting, garden borders, as a feature plant, and with its exceptionally compact form, it makes the perfect plant for mass planting on road sides as it meets line of sight requirements.